The Yellow Menance

Snark, snark, snark,

3 August
I'm Ms. Kinnikufan. I like to write fanfic. What fandoms usually vary with my mood and my ideas.
I'm Korean-American. Not Chinese. Not Japanese. Korean as in "Korea"-a damn different country from China and Japan.
I was adopted at three months and speak nothing but English.
I like robot manga- like Dolls and Chocobits. Full Metal Alchemist is peaking my interest too..
I'm currently have no specific religions-leaning towards Secular humanist.
I like slash/femmeslash pairing, but respect het too.
Also, no crossover is too stupid or inappropiate for me!

I live in 76 square miles surrounded by reality. Only a few of my fellow natives will get that joke.

Canon couples are love

"Practically canon" couples can still be love</strike> love

Non-canon couples can still be love